Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Breaking News! Hot off the Press!! Exclusive Screening of Bill Plympton's new short film 'Hot Dog'!

Exciting news people! Bill Plympton, the favourite animator of Terry Gilliam, and likened to God by Matt Groening, (creator of The Simpsons for all those who are of a glakit disposition), will not only be descending on Dundee for a most limited time only, but will be showing an exclusive screening of his eagerly anticipated new film.

Direct from the Producer Biljana Labovic's digital mouth -

'This is hot!

Bill is planning on showing a very, very rough cut of his new short film called "Hot Dog" at Projector. It's a sequel to Guard/Guide Dog. This will be an exclusive screening, first time ever in front of the audience! There will be some music, no SFX yet.'

C'mon people - what are you waiting for? Don't miss this MASSEEEF opportunity. You will be squeezing your eyeballs out with a lemon squeezer and sticking your head in a vice if you don't manage a ticket to see this guy - who could forget the advert from ALL those many many many moons ago of those sadistic malleable nobbley chaps twisted and warped by their insatiable desires for Nik-Nak crisps - my favourite advert of ALL time. I can't believe this is the same guy - he's a GENIUS! I should probably wear a nappy when I meet him...

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Ken said...

thats exciting news - looking forward to it